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Camp Catering With No Worries

If you don't hear from us go to or 02102397914

Tenfold Camp Caterers,, Auckland ,& Beyond ...From Whangarel To Tongariro National Park

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  Please  See school camp menu.. ..Monday Dinner ~~Friday Lunch is 4 days (Breakfast , Lunch, Dinner,Supper Hot chocolate )    50 minimum   people please

***Please understand there's almost as much work outside camp as there's at camp.
  it takes about 80 to 100 hrs to cater for a camp from buying ..packing ..going to camp..and sorting out at the end of camp ..

**GuestBook~~We Would Love To Hear From You..

Our Guarantee To You Is A Well Fed Up" whole*some food " Camp......There hungry campers at any of our camps,

Your camp Caterers.. Selwyn & Sadhana coop choose your own CAMP CATERING FOOD MENU / Mob 02102397914

Hi ...Welcome To Our Web-Site.

We Cater To

School camps,Weekend camps & Corporates Around the greater Auckland & Beyond, as well as our islands : We Have Been Police Vetted(2018)    & Have been camp catering for over 30 years..

NZQA, FOOD SAFETY,167,2066/Please See ..CAMP Health & Safety Act 2016 page

Please See New .Extra Menu & Weekend Menu

We are camp caterers ,catering for Schools , Weekend camps,& Corparates camps around the greater auckland & beyond auckland & Islands NZ,
Allowing you both the freedom and time to run your camp the way you want it ,We work into your timetable and your wants ..with A menu that you can pick , plan & decide on, for Yourselves..With a Good quantity and quality of Food...for your price,
we specialize in catering for island camps, We go out and come back to the islands with you and are regarded as part of any ferry costs

our aim is to provide to you the best camp catering experience that we can ~at ~a ~affordable cost with a High Energy good healthy food choice..And  well fed up with camp food that more NZ kids can afford camps  ....We are in camp to please you.and to run to your timetable.

. ...............................The Agreement. Terms & conditions...If you Hire us is.
Camp menu 2 weeks before camp .. camp No's must be confirm two days before camp for the account / No Deposit ..But Please.. Payment must be within 14 Days from the end Of camp ..Last confirm No's (2) days before the start of of camp is what will be charge for:/ late payment after 14 Days can incur 10% surcharge// As we are a small Business so can't afford to wait  longer then 14 days for payment as all our food expenses must all be prepaid (after 28 days collection costs is debtors responsibility ) If for some reason  it's going to take longer then 14 days Please make arrangements with us before hand..**Please note that with Island camps we travel with you with the food on the ferry at your expense.....
All Food, bar from that from which is put out on the servery, is the property of Tenfold camp caterers and cannot be taken or eaten without permission ( going into the store room and helping yourselves to food) This will incur a full replacement charge,

We do Wash all our own kitchen pots and pans,..But we do-not wash campers dishers,
Our Guarantee to you is a well fed up campers with 2nds no hungry campers......we do thank you for your time in looking at our website.........we try our best to keep our prices & costs low, in order  to give you  the  best deal that we can, as we know that camps are very expensive to run..

**At Motutapu camp we do a big clean on the last day and then ask for a group of Kids to come in and do a small clean to bring it to the standard that they wish everyone uses the Kitchen

Image result for clean image

.Kitchen help ,..serving out meals  intermediate age upwards only please... putting jams & butter on tables,/and must take full responsibity in policing the serving line.. please see our camp Health & Safety page for the Kitchen

P.S. ( I made this web-site myself, please excuse its imperfections )
Some feed back

please Camp Health & Safety page & regarding any special needs..that you may Have... Before agreeing with camp booking

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